Under the strategic partnership with Technische Universität Dresden ( TU Dresden ), UNU-FLORES is cooperating in particular with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences .

We would like to thank Christina Dornack, Peter Krebs, Thomas Schalk, Thomas Petzoldt, Thomas Berendonk, Karsten Calbitz and Rudolf Liedl for the supervision or coordination of thesis and study projects within the scope of CWetlands.


Since the early stages of the project, the following experts have been working closely with us:

Moreover, we would like to thank all participants of the global user requirements survey in 2017.

Last but not least, the students Sowmiya Ragul, Mauricio Nevado and Muhammad Awais studying the master programme “Hydro Sciences and Engineering” at TU Dresden carried out their study project under our supervision and developed an R tool for the extraction of information on constructed wetlands from scientific journal articles.